I like this kind of training. There is nothing special going on. No bucking horse, no rider who is very skilled and can “sit iT out”. If one of the horses I have in for training gets overexcited iT is not a big deal but I am a bit disapointed in myself then because I think I should have prepared the horse better. This training is not very exciting to look at because I sure hope nothing will happen.
Today session with Jassmir worked wonders. I was walking with him through the whole arena side by side giving the lead but making sure that he would not forget about me next to him. IT made him relax in minutes. He is in training for one week know and I thought some chilling out together would be a good idea. IT turned out to be a briljant idea.
Jassmir vandaag was fijn om mee aan de slag te zijn. Hij kan echt loslaten en relaxed worden bij mij.
Quinn net in training. Vandaag begonnen en wat is ze geweldig verbeterd in de tussentijd Renate! De periode even helemaal niks doen heeft haar zichtbaar goed gedaan. En de training: die pakken we op waar we zijn gebleven.
Dag 2